16 Signs of a Leaking Roof

Most homeowners know that roof leaks are bad and need to be fixed right away. But how do you know that your roof is leaking? Sometimes the signs are obvious. For example, if you see dripping water or moisture stains on the interior walls or ceilings, you probably have a roof leak. But there are more subtle signs of a leaky roof as well. Below are some tips to help you diagnose the cause of roof leaks:

  1. Wet plaster or drywall around outlets and light fixtures
  2. Wet spots around air vents, fireplaces and other openings to the roof
  3. Paint bubbling or peeling from interior walls or ceilings when it rains
  4. Sounds of dripping inside the structure even if you can’t see anything
  5. Water stains on rafters or decking visible from inside your attic
  6. A musty smell inside the house
  7. Curling shingles
  8. Shingles that have detached from the roof (you often see these on the ground in the area close to the house)
  9. Visible nails on the roof or on the ground around the house
  10. Visible damage to flashing around vents
  11. Visible damage to caulk and sealants on the roof
  12. Discolored shingles
  13. Peeling paint under eaves
  14. Clogged gutters and downspouts
  15. Piles of leaves or other debris in roof valleys or above chimney
  16. Shingle granules or pieces in the gutters

If you see clues such as these, it is time to call a roofing repair expert. Roof leaks can be tricky to diagnose. The clue (such as clogged gutters) may not match the location of visible water damage inside the building. A roofing repair expert knows how to follow the water or moisture back to the source of the leak.

Preventing Future Roof Leaks

Once you get the roof leak fixed and any damage to the house repaired, you should take steps to prevent leaks from occurring again. This can be something as simple as pruning overhanging trees or cleaning gutters and downspouts regularly. If you see obvious changes in shingles, flashing, or chimneys, call an experienced roof repair technician to inspect your roof before the problem becomes bigger and more expensive.

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