Skylight Leak Repair

Skylights can be a great addition to a house. They add light, views, and ventilation to otherwise not-so-wonderful interior spaces. However, despite their benefits, they can be expensive both to install and to maintain. There’s no getting around the fact that skylights installed in a roof will develop leaks over time. Although leaks are inevitable, homeowners can delay leak development by using high quality materials and proper installation techniques.

You can improve the longevity of skylights by doing it right the first time. This means:

  • Installing a watertight lip or curb around the skylight to deflect water
  • Making sure the skylight is installed above the roof’s surface
  • Making sure that the flashing is the right type and that all joints re correctly sealed

But what if you have no control over how the skylight will perform because you purchased the home from a previous owner? When a skylight starts to leak, as it will if you own the house long enough, how do you fix it? Do you have to replace the entire window?

Homeowners rightly shudder at the word “leaks.” Leaks can cause serious damage to the structure of the home as well as the furnishings. Soaked carpet and mildewed plaster can be the tip of the iceberg when water damage hides behind walls and ceilings. Skylight leaks can also cause exterior damage to the roof and walls of the house. Such situations demand an experienced roofer who can diagnose and repair skylight leaks.

Diagnosing Skylight Leak Problems

Several scenarios can result in skylight leaks. A roof leak specialist will first determine if the moisture is the result of an actual leak, or if it is caused by condensation on the inside of the skylight. If condensation is the culprit, the homeowner can work o reducing the humidity in the room, usually by installing a fan or dehumidifier. However, not all skylight leaks are as easy to repair.

An experienced roofing repair specialist will diagnose the cause of the leak, looking at the caulking, flashing, joints, and seals. In addition to sealing any holes with roofing cement, the roof expert should decide whether to reseal or replace the flashing. The technician will check the seal around the glass itself (as opposed to the frame) and reapply window glazing when needed.

Different types of roofs have different requirements when it come to repairing skylight leaks. Flat rubber roofs, for example, most often leak around skylights when the rubber gasket between the glass and the fame begins to crack and shrink, usually because of exposure to sun, cold, and heat. Curved ceramic tile roofs with skylight leaks also require special treatment.

Contact a Worcester Skylight Leak Repair Professional

If your home in Central Massachusetts has leaking skylights, call the roof repair pros at Seven Hills Roofing in Worcester. They will identify the source of the leak and give you an estimate of the cost to repair the problem. The consultation and estimate are free. Please telephone 508-414-8305 or contact them online.