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Roofing Repair Contractor in Worcester, Massachusetts

It's easy to put off roof repairs, especially if you can't see any obvious leaks. However, common sense should tell you that if you take care of minor problems when they occur, your roof will last longer. Taking care of needed repairs can postpone the cost of paying for a total roof replacement.

30 Years' Experience With Roof Repairs and Installation

At Seven Hills Roofing Contractors, in Worcester, Massachusetts, our experienced roofing pros have helped thousands of residential and commercial property owners keep their buildings in good shape by identifying and performing needed roof repairs. For more than 30 years, our company has served people in central Massachusetts, providing cost-effective roofing repairs that extend the life of a roof and prevent expensive damage to the structure.

Our customers have confidence that we will provide honest and fair estimates for any roof repair job. Moreover, when the job is finished, owners know that it was done correctly and that we will stand by the work. Our customers' positive ratings in Home Advisor reflect their appreciation of the repair work performed by our experienced roofing professionals.

Examples of Roof Repairs in Central Massachusetts

Here are some of the things our team members find and repair when property owners in central Massachusetts call for a roof evaluation:

  • Holes and leaks in roofing material or decking
  • Problems with flashing around chimneys and in roof valleys
  • Problems caused by ice dams and storms
  • Water backing up under roofing materials because of clogged gutters
  • Problems with soffits and fascia

Our roofing pros replace and reseal all types of shingles; install new flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights; re-caulk seams; patch underlayment and membrane; replace rotted or damaged decking; or replace the entire roof. These are some of the more common repairs we make, but our team can handle almost any other roof repair you need.

One of the most challenging aspects of roof repair is find the source of a leak. It is not always easy to determine exactly where the water originated.It is seldom directly over the visibleinterior damage to the ceiling or walls. Rather, water travels under the shingles, along beams and joists, through openings for wires and pipes, and along any other structural feature that allows water to move. Our roofing team knows how and where to look for the source of water entering a building and stop it from infiltrating further.

Why Make Minor Roof Repairs Now?

Repairing a roof doesn't just stop further damage to the roof itself. In addition, it can prevent future leaks into the interior of the structure, stopping the development of wood rot, mold and mildew. Repairing or preventing roof leaks can also stop or delay damage to drywall, plaster, wood molding, and beams and joists. In short, taking care of needed repairs now can prevent much more expensive repairs later.

Contact a Worcester, Massachusetts Roof Repair Specialist. Free Estimates. 508-414-8305.

If you believe you might need repairs because of a leak or other visible problem with a roof in central Massachusetts, call Seven Hills Roofing Contractors at 508-414-8305 to schedule a free evaluation and estimate. You may also contact our Worcester rubber roofing experts by email. Don't delay. If you wait even a few months, you may need to replace the entire roof.

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