Roof Flashing Repair: Chimneys

A common cause of roof leaks is damaged or deteriorated flashing. Roofers and builders use flashing to seal gaps around chimneys, valleys where two roof lines meet, dormers, plumbing vents, skylights, and windows. Flashing can also close the joints around attic fans and turbines. Although most often metal such as copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, lead or tin-plated steel, flashing can also be rubber or other materials.

The purpose of roof flashing is to keep water out of the structure below. If moisture seeps through gaps in the roof, the result can be rotted wood, mold and mildew, and dripping water. If there is a leak in your house, it is most often the result of a flashing problem.

If you see a leak in your house, suspect a flashing problem. Although very small cracks or holes in flashing can be temporarily repaired with roofing cement or roof caulk. However, such repairs should be temporary, as cement and caulk will break down quickly after exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays, rain, snow and wind.

Although you may have to make a quick fix to damaged flashing, you should not postpone calling an experienced roof repair specialist. The technician will determine the type of flashing and decide whether to repair it or replace it entirely. The method varies, depending on the location of the flashing and the type.

For example, flashing around a chimney often fails because the mortar joints that hold the flashing cap in place have become loose or have crumbled away entirely. In either case, the damaged mortar must be cleaned out and reapplied to fill the gap and secure the flashing cap. If metal flashing is also badly corroded, it will need to be replaced rather than reattached. Deteriorating flashing around chimneys is one of the most common causes of flashing leaks.

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